Today we drove from Havana to Cienfuegos. In total the drive is about 5 hours in a rather cramped can, but we had a couple of stops to break it up.

Several Observations

  • The roads are quite nice for the most part. Not a lot of potholes. Not a lot of traffic.
  • We have a kid in our taxi who works with the driver as a helper. He stood up in the sliding-door step most of the trip. It seemed like his only job was to assist with luggage and stuff. This honestly seemed a little silly considering both the driver and guide could do this. But he’s a sweet kid so no complaints.
  • Rest stops or toilets are few and far between. It would appear that the few Cubans who own cars don’t drive long distances in them.
  • We stopped at a little spot in the road along a gorgeous beach. There was a big bag made out of lava rock. Right on site there was diving, snorkeling and a small bar. Also a guy who would rent you chairs for $5 each. I had a beer and a mojito and just relaxed on the beach.
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