Understandably we have a bit of a language barrier in Cuba. On the second night in Cienfuegos our host family asked us if we want coffee. I said yes and then my Mom asked for ice.

I asked the host if she had hielo (ice) and she asked if I meant helado (ice cream) and I said no, I mean hielo. Anyway in the end she just assumed I don’t know what I’m asking and brought ice cream.

It’s delicious. Mint ice cream. But my Mom and I are both lactose intolerant. So we can’t actually eat it. And I know things like ice cream are a huge luxury here. So I feel really bad.

They are the sweetest family here at this casa particular. I’m very impressed with their hospitality. They provide air conditioning for their guests even though they themselves don’t use it. The rooms are cute and comfortable. They have a rooftop deck to look over the ocean and see the stars.