We flew from Cancun to La Habana Cuba which took approximately 1 hour. We flew the airline Interjet which I had always heard was a crappy airline but it was actually great.

Thoughts About Interjet

  • Upon arrival to the Cancun airport, they had a separate line for each destination.
  • The Cuba line had a lady sitting at a folding table with a laptop who issued Visas for $20 USD on the spot. Super convenient.
  • At the counter they check your passport and visa, collect your Mexican visa and then check you in.
  • Each person gets one piece of checked baggage each.
  • Like Ryanair, they don’t invest in jet bridges. They load everyone onto a shuttle bus and drive them out to a plane on the Tarmac.
  • The plane itself was an Airbus 319 with a 2-3 configuration.
  • There was ample legroom and I appreciated that I only had to sit next to my Mom with no one in the middle seat.
  • They serve free snacks and free alcohol on all flights. The alcohol pour was super generous. I got about 3oz of Jack Daniels and a full bottle of Pepsi.

Thoughts About Cancun Airport

  • No working wifi. I paid twice: once by PayPal, once by Credit Card. Didn’t connect.
  • It’s weird that they don’t assign a gate to flights until right before it boards. You have to hang out in a common area.
  • Food and drinks are expensive. I bought a 300ml can of Tecate and two 500ml bottles of water for M$180 (US$10).